Coding Tutorials

Coming Soon Page :: PSD Sitebuild

Today we will be entering the third step of our Beginning to End Series, coding our Coming Soon Page. If you haven’t viewed the photoshop tutorial you can view it here.   Set up your folders like such: Slicing The PSD We need to start out by slicing the PSD. For our coming soon page(…)

HV-Tumblr Theme Pt. III – PSD2HTML Conversion

Today I am proud to bring you guys Pt. III of the HV-Tumblr Theme Series. This episode in the series we will finally begin coding up our document. In order to create the perfect Tumblr Theme you need to make sure that your HTML is full stable with filler content before starting to add the(…)

Forrst API Tutorial — Pt II

This is a follow up tutorial to the Forrst User API Tutorial – Pt. 1 and will teach you how to grab the posts for a forrst user. As of April 2011 this still works, but may change as their API is still being developed and in this case we are scraping the user’s profile(…)