Hi! In this tutorial you will learn how to create an external Asus Lamborghini Hdd icon using some easy techniques, hope you`ll like it!   Step1: Create a new document Begin by creating a New Document 500 px x 300 px. Step2: Hard Disk shape Use Pen Tool (P) to create the Hard disk shape(…)


CREATING OUR LAYOUT: Firstly open up photoshop and create a new document 900 x 845 pixels, fill your background layer with the color white if it isnt already. For our background i also want to add some stripes to it so create a new document 4 x 4 pixels with a transparent background. Zoom in(…)

Computer Shop Layout Tutorial

Create a new document 800×950, fill your background with the color #21252e. Select the “rectangular marquee tool” and draw out a rectangle at the top of your canvas, fill the rectangle with the color #111419 and add a “2 pixel black stroke”. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RESULTS. Select your type tool and choosing a(…)

Software Box Tutorial

Create a new document 500×500 pixels, create 2 new layers one called “spine” and label the other “main” on the main layer draw out a box 274 x 385 pixels and on the spines layer draw out a box 66×385 pixels, draw the boxes with the “rectangular marquee tool”. Then add a 1 pixel black(…)

Magnify Tutorial

Firstly find an image of a magnifying glass either from google or from a stock photo site like Once you have your magnifying glass, cut it out including the inner lens with your prefered tool. Now open up your image you want to magnify, resize it down as we will be using the larger(…)

Web Design Layout #4 Tutorial

Create a new document 800×800, select the colors #2c2d2e & #47474a (or something similar) and drag a linear gradient over your canvas. Now create a new layer, using some grunge brushes add some grunge. Set layer opacity to 50% and blending mode to soft light. Now select your background layer and add some noise by(…)

Software Layout #1 Tutorial

Create a new document sized 800×800 pixels with a white background. Start off with our site title and slogan and a little quick navigation. Add the title and slogan at the top left hand corner and the quick navigation at the top right hand corner. You should have something like this. Lets also add some(…)

Web Design Layout #1 Tutorial

Create a new document 800 x 900 select the rectangular marquee tool and draw a rectangle at the very top using the color #288cc8. Also add these stroke settings. Your rectangle should looks like this. Create a new layer above your rectangle layer, select the color white and select the paint brush tool, brush some(…)


The internet is full of great artists and in this round-up we’ve listed 18 exceptional pieces of Digital Art from deviantART. You’ll be amazed at some of this work. BOBA FETT – NO DISINTEGRATIONS Quetzalcoatl T Mask Moby Kroca Sobeka Original – Uniforme Sippin on Some Syrup Miss Zombie DRAMATIC SUNBLOCKING Merlin Nostalgic Memories Libra(…)

Web design Layout #8

Hello, welcome to another tutorial by the hv-designs team sorry were abit late than usual. In this tutorial il show you to create a web design layout. Lets get started. Create a new document 850×900 pixels with a black background, on the background layer we need to add some noise so goto “filter > noise(…)

Black & White Cars Tutorial

Load up your car image and select the “pen tool”, draw around your car but not selecting your windows, grills, lights etc… so basically your just left with a shell. “copy and paste” to a new layer. With your newly pasted layer selected goto “image > adjustments > desaturate” then goto “image > adjustments >(…)

Cutaway Illustration Tutorial

Firstly your going to need two images, one of the car and one of the engine, i shall be using these two pictures. Open your images up in photoshop, copy/paste your engine picture on to your car picture. If your car picture is overly big re-size it using “ctrl + T”. Resize it to fit(…)


Good evening everybody, today I’ll be walking you through the process of coding your “Freelance CV / Resume” into a working HTML/CSS Template. Lets get started. The Live Version You can check out the Live Version of the template by clicking here. The template has been tested in the following browsers without any problems. Firefox(…)


Okay so you have your website built and coded into css/xhtml and you want to convert it over to a wordpress theme. Firstly let me explain a few things. WordPress works in a rather straightforward manner but it may seem confusing if you are completely new to the concept. WordPress relies on PHP to call(…)

Chameleon Effect Tutorial

Open up your car image and select the “pen tool”, once selected draw around your car, NOT selecting the wheels, lights, windows, grills etc… this will be a lengthy process but you will get there in the end, once you have selected the car make the selection and copy to a new layer, and if(…)

Web Design Layout #9

Good afternoon, welcome to another tutorial by the hv-designs team in this tutorial il show you how to create a web design layout, currently the 9th one in our tutorial database. Before we start grab this “wood” texture, just save it your hard drive somewhere as we’ll be using it later in the tutorial. Right(…)

Army Swiss Knife Tutorial

Create a new document 600×400 fill the background with a color of your choice OR use an image like a wood texture. Im going to use the wood texture feel free use it. Select the rounded rectangle tool, change the radius to 40px (see image below). Draw out your rectangle and fill with the color(…)