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Your PROject FREE Template

May 28th, 2009 in Freebies by Richard Carpenter

Your PROject FREE Template

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Your free 5 page template

* 5 Pages (contact form does not work).
* jQuery jFlow slider.
* Valid HTML.
* Valid CSS.
* Yours to use for free, providing hv-designs credit link is in the footer.

License and Attribution

This layout is licensed under the Creative Commons license and can be used for personal purposes ONLY. Attribution is needed and is always appreciated.

About The Author

About The Author: Richard Carpenter

Hi im Richard Carpenter and im a freelance web and graphics designer from England. I am also a regular Blogger, Tutorial Writer, and owner of Photoshop Plus. You can follow me on twitter HERE. You may also view my portfolio HERE.


Richard Carpenter has written 364 posts.

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26 Responses to “Your PROject FREE Template”

  1. mary says:

    Nice template, thanks! Good free multipage templates are hard to find. Thanks for sharing!

  2. jdmaxwell says:

    thanks a lot for this. These tutorials have been great. I have been waiting to see a multipage coded weblayout. Kudos to you. Keep up great work.

  3. Renato says:


  4. Swen says:

    Thank you :) I’m downloading right now.

  5. Andrew says:

    looks cool thank you very much ;)

  6. DxDesigns says:

    Thanks for sharing, do you know how to code the contact part of it? A tutorial on that would be pretty sweet for sure!

  7. Harsha says:

    @DxDesigns, the contact page is done simply with form tags, just look at for an example, to change the colors look below

    Posted: 27 Jul 2001 17:02:11
    Reply with Quote
    “Use something like this:

    In other words, just add
    style=”background-color: #009AFF”
    where #009AFF is color you want.

    Same thing can be applied to any form element.”

    Quoted from DMXZone

  8. Anne says:

    Great ! Thank you very much for this share.

  9. DDamir says:

    Thank You.

  10. Oh, Sorry for my last comment in another post. You have shared this wonderful template. Thank you very much.

  11. I like this templates and i am looking for some good template for my new project. You providing me an opportunity to download quality free template. Thanks for the sharing this.

  12. Thanks for your comments

  13. Luke says:

    Richard, would you mind if I submitted an article on how to convert this into WordPress? Its not definate that I will do it but I would love to give it a shot.

  14. Liam Maddison says:

    Thanks very much richard :D looks very good

  15. SkullTraill says:

    Cn I use this for my logo design site? I will be chaging money.
    I can pay you about $10 when I start getting some money.

  16. markomarko says:

    Hello,i was wondering if ANYONE can help me,cause when i upload all files from the zip to my FTP i cant activate this theme,its not showed in WP-admin CPANEL,any help anyone?

  17. @markomarko,

    No-where on this post does it say that this template is for wordpress.

  18. DJSolin says:

    In Google Chrome, the Featured News box is tossed to the far right. How can this be fixed?

  19. Ale says:

    Thanks, so beautiful!!!.

  20. Great ! Thank you very much for this share.

  21. Guido says:

    Can i use this in joomla??
    I’m new.

  22. Glad says:

    Thanks for Sharing!

    Very good Template.
    Hold on.

  23. minnelk says:

    i downloaded the template but i can’t see the slider in my browser. in dreamweaver it is shown far right.

    pliz help

  24. iluver says:

    kool…really great

  25. Yan Oo Phyo says:

    Thank A Lot, Mr.Richard Carpenter.I Like It.

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