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Create a Wooden Style Polaroid in Fireworks

August 25th, 2012 in Fireworks Tutorials by Usra Golden

Create a Wooden Style Polaroid in Fireworks

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 In this tutorial, we will learn how to create “OLD WOODEN DIRTY POLAROID PHOTO” with creative style and new techniques in fireworks 8.My bro asked me ,have you created this one in fireworks CS4:) ?i told him no, you can make many super designs in fireworks 8 with different new techniques and tips .Even you can make your own design texture in fireworks 8.



Open a new document in Adobe Fireworks Width 600 px and Height 600 px with white background.

We have to create lines using “Pen Tool (P)” on the canvas. Select Pen Tool (P) and draw a lines just look like this.


After that , you have to move the direction of the lines with pen tool as shown above. Use white color of Pen tool ,size 36,stroke category <Unnatural < Viscous Alien ,Edge 15,Texture grain with 27 Amount ,Go to filters from the properties panel , select Alien Skin Slat Le and click on Edges.


Apply 10.00 for Edge width,Margin Pixels16.50 and Feature Size 15.Set torn paper in edge mode and click on Transparent fill. The edge mode of the lines have become torn papers ,We have to apply our own Texture by giving them “Dirty Stain Effect Look”.

To cover the stains ,we have to add a Rectangle over the stains. Select a Rectangle Tool (U) from the tools menu and create a Rectangle with Height 600px and Width 600px. Choose Pattern from the Properties panel and add “Wood 2” Texture. Go to blend mode form the Properties panel and choose Subtractive. Creating a wood texture darker and real,use Brightness/Contrast and Hue Saturation . Apply -13 for Hue,-73 for Saturation and -11 for Lightness


Step 2:

Copy the stains we had created before and paste on the rectangle.

Set Tip color White , tip size 36, edge 9 and Grain Texture 27.Go to stroke category select Unnatural<Viscous paint .Choose Overlay from the blend mode option .Select Edges two times from the filters properties.

To make darker and real stain effect,you have to copy the stains at only one time and then paste on it.



We have to create “Wooden Photo” , using Rectangle Tool (U) from the tools panel. Select a rectangle with width 414px and height 474px.


Set Light Beige color of the rectangle,Tip Color Beige,apply stroke category<Basic<Soft Rounded . 100 for Edge ,Grain
Texture 0% and apply Stamp from the blend mode option .Go to filters apply Shadow and Glow option <Drop shadow.

For drop and shadow live filters , apply 18 for distance,color Black,Angle 315,Opacity 65% and Softness 4. Set Sharpen from the
filters option.

Step 4:

Select a Rectangle from the Rectangle tool(U) ,and create a small rectangle width 369 px and height 333px.Apply Dark brown color from fill category ,Tip Color Black , Tip Size 2 ,stroke category <basic<soft rounded. Apply Subtractive from the blend mode option.

Choose filters<adjust colors<color fill. Click on color fill and apply Overlay with Dark Brown Color and Opacity 100%. Again apply filters<adjust colors<brightness and contrast.

Apply filters<shadow and glow<inner shadow .For inner shadow live filters set 18 for Distance, Color Black,Softness 4,Angle 315 and Opacity 65%.choose filters <shadow and glow option < drop and shadow .The distance of the drop shadow would be 7.


Now it is done :) .Hope you have learned something new.

About The Author

About The Author: Usra Golden

Hello! My name is Usra. i'm a web/ graphic designer and database anaylst by profession.I am very passionate about graphic designing.I am usually spending my spare time making graphic designs on Fireworks for fun.I have worked for Patheo for three years(a Los Angeles,California based Travel agent software startup which was active between 1998-2008).You can catch me on Twitter at


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9 Responses to “Create a Wooden Style Polaroid in Fireworks”

  1. Taha says:

    Its really really cool :) very creative and very interesting .waiting for more tutorials on fireworks.

  2. Goldenusra says:

    Thanks alot:)

  3. Soma says:

    Wao exceelent tutorial:p

  4. rizwana says:

    you worked very well . welldone .amazing tutorial i must say .I want to see your more tutorial in fireworks.congrats for your first tutorial.

  5. wmtimes says:


  6. Arnold says:

    Excellent tutorial, and by the way that looks pretty awesome!
    Thanks alot.

  7. Arnold says:

    Pretty entertaining tutorial.
    Looking forward for another tutorial!

  8. rose says:

    really amazing tutorial :) liked it too much please upload more tutorials like that.

  9. Sumaira says:

    Great stuff usra! Keep it up???? proud of u sis!

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